Are you thinking 'Oh no they are fully booked!' We may NOT be...

To clarify the calendar below:
2 suites and each suite has 3 different breakfast options (no breakfast, breakfast basket or gourmet breakfast.)
6 different calendars. Apologies if this is confusing but it helps us stay organized over here :)

When you see the gourmet breakfast blocked but the other calendars show available
it is likely we are away and our caretaker/spa practitioner Nina will be on site. 

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions.

Calendar Confusion?

Confused by the calendar? Let me try to help. There are 2 suites (Tall Cedars and Tea Garden), and each suite has 3 different breakfast options: no breakfast, breakfast basket or the gourmet breakfast. That makes a total of 6 different 'calendars.'

If you notice the gourmet breakfast option is blocked off but the other options are available that is because we are away and have our fabulous caretaker/spa practitioner Nina here. She can do breakfast baskets and any spa treatments you like, but not the gourmet breakfasts sorry.

Also the $50 cleaning fee will be omitted on our end when you make a reservation through our website even though it will show up on your initial invoice. I'm working on trying to fix this one still.

Hope this helps!